Holiday Is Here!

The mid-year holidays are here! At first I hope my family would come up 
with some plans for travel during the holiday weekends. Unfortunately, they didn't and worse still half of my holiday was filled with additional classes.
The good thing is there's only two more days left till freedom. By then, the 
doom will be lifted from our backs and we still can have nine days of  holiday left. Then, we will have to be back to school for a long time till the next holiday is declared. T.T  Seriously short holidays.... ah, well we Standard Six just have to work hard for around 100 more days, face UPSR for 3 days and we can be trusting the school to give us extra holiday which is slightly more than the pupils in other standards.

Boy pirate graphicSports Day will fall briefly after our mid-year school holidays and this year my blue team will be dressed as pirates. This year, our Sport's Day is held slightly later than the last two years.Anyway, I'm still quite terrible at sports. Hope I can do all the best for my team in marching. I really hope our pirate outfit will be something like this. Ehehe....


  1. hey Henry! how are you?
    the mid term holidays goes very fast right? i'm on holidays too now, but i have 4 days for exams. (university has lots of holidays ehehe, but very boring)
    i hope your sports day goes great! good luck! :D

  2. I'm still busy with my additional classes, a tuition I attend every Saturday and also preparing for my UPSR. September will be here soon enough and by then I can post more often after my UPSR which isn't very long. =D


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