The 15th Day of Chinese New Year 2010

Today is the 15th Day of Chinese New Year, it is also the first full moon in the Chinese Calendar. We call it 元宵节.
The Chinese people are celebrating their New year for 15 days. 
1st Day of Chinese New Year :  We will like to wear red colour garments its mean happy and fortune. Some people will abstain meat on this day because they believe that this will ensure long and happy life for them. We can't sweep the floor because the old people believe that the wealth will sweep out from the house :)
2nd Day of Chinese New Year:The son-in law will go back to their mother-in law house to pay respect.
3rd Day ~ 6th Day of  Chinese New Year:Visit relatives and friends freely.
7th Day of Chinese New Year: It is considered the birthday of human being, we would like to have gathering dinner with family or friends at a restaurant.
8th Day of Chinese New Year: Hokkien 福建人 (One of the Chinese Races) will invite their friends to have  a dinner at their house and pray their God at the midnight  for  the wealth and health.
9th Day ~ 14th Days of  Chinese New Year: We like visit friends houses and dinner with them.
15th Days of Chinese New Year 元宵节:This is the first full moon of our Lunar Calendar and also the last day to celebrate the Chinese New Year. We will like to stay at home with our family and have a reunion dinner.
This is one of  Malaysia Chinese New Year Must Eat Food 捞鱼生 (Raw Fish Mixer) 
Ingredients: Colourful Crispy snacks, shred carrot, ginger, pear, sesame, plum sauces, oil and slices of raw fish. My grandmother knew that I didn't dare to eat raw fish so she used vege-abalone to replace the raw fish.

 We mixed the ingredients together before we ate. Mixed all the ingredient together  which means we can success for doing everything. I was surprised that this is only Malaysian and Singaporean  are prevalent to eat this food during CNY :)

After the dinner, mum prepared us a dessert - Glutinous rice ball which we also like to eat at 15th of the CNY, this means reunion and fulfillment. 


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