Good Memorables of Japan ^^

After my trip to Japan, there are something I would like to post on my blog for my memory....

I like to eat this rice, it contains some sesame, seaweed and some pink leaves.
"Natto" a food that brings longevity.

Japan curry really very nice! It's very fragrant and is not too spicy

This was the first time I tried "curry popcorn". Dad bought it from Disneyland.
The Chip N Dale container is a good remembrance for my Japan trip ^^

This brand of  this cup noddle is cheaper and nice, it is about 120~168yen (RM 6). It has a lot of seafood such as slice scallop and squid.... 

Mum bought this green tea ice-cream from the vending machine.It is very tasty!

The shape look like a burger, but actually is an ice-cream, special!

Japan cakes..... beautiful and delicious!

Bento, luxurious set but a bit expensive, there will have a 50% discount after every lunch time or dinner time.

The high speed bullet train-

Their petrol station is different from Malaysia's petrol station, their petrol nozzle is at the top.

Japan has good environmental awareness, they have a kind of technology that produces a chemical to purify the river.

It is comfortable to use Japan's toilets, most of their public toilet in shopping centers and hotels toilet seat cover is this type of design, it is more hygienic.  

18-02-2010 was the last day of our Japan trip, early in the morning we checked out from Hyatt Regency Hotel, we went to the Kansai International Airport which built on an artificial island at exorbitant cost. We had our final shopping at  the duty free shop.  

The End~~~


  1. It was a very cold because of rain and the snow travel during your travel. It is regrettable not to be able to see Mt. Fuji. But you may not catch a cold. Japan is as warm as spring yesterday and today.

  2. The rice was mixed in with some furikake. I think it is yuraki flavour (I can get them here, I'll send a pack).

    WOW going to Japan using RM is soooooo expensive! I could have bought the cup noodles for around AUD$2 if I went there.

    thanks for sharing you holiday experiences

  3. Ya, that was raining day during our trip, luckily you gave us the hot pad, it was so useful, I put it on my garment so I can stand for the cold. Dad and mum also put on the socks that you given to us. Thank you very much for your considerate. We like to visit Japan. Japanese are so kind and polite. Hope we have a chance to visit again.

  4. @ Grub,
    The cup noddles I bought are considered cheaper compared to other cup noddles, some are about
    RM 20.00++ :D


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