Japan Trip - 3rd Day (14-02-2010)

 I saw the Japanese fabric woven dolls at the hotel lobby, I think it should be a Japanese traditional handicraft

They use fabric to sew dolls, balls and flowers and join them with a string, it looks so fashionable.

We were having our breakfast buffet at the hotel, there were a lot of choice, I prefer western food like sausages, bacons.....and I also tried Japanese Miso Soup.

My mum took the Japanese traditional food. The food in the small can is called "Natto".

The tour guide told us "Natto" is a famous food in Japan. After mixing the oil and sauce in the Natto, it became sticky the taste is peculiar, it is good for our body immune system, my mum said it was tasty.

Tokyo City Tour
We visited the Imperial Palace which is surrounded by high stone walls. We didn't manage to go to the palace because it is only open on Japanese New Year (1st of January).
We saw samurai statue at the entrance. The area is surrounded by a lot of enormous bonsai trees. 
There is no grass or cement at the sidewalk to the palace, instead there are a lot of  pebbles. 

At the afternoon, we visited to Asakusa Kannon Temple. 
Near the temple,  there is a street called Nakamise Avenue which is selling a variety of sourvenirs.At the end of the street,  there is a big red lantern "Thunder Gate" which is also a famous landmark in this area.

We had a Japanese Lunch Set at a restaurant near the "Thunder Gate"

Toyota City Showcase displays a lot of latest Toyota cars models

Ginza (Tokyo), the most exclusive and famous shopping area in Japan

We proceeded to Fuji Hakone onsen hotel, we were having buffet dinner at the resort, there was an optional top up meal,  Long-Legged crab3000yen per adult, 1/2price for children, Sashimi 4000yen per small boat. We ordered the Long -Legged Crab (Hokkaido Crab). It was so delicious!!

We were wearing Yukata, because after dinner we had a  public bath at the hotspring,
Male and Female were separated, we couldn't take photo because everyone was naked. It was a very special experience for me.


  1. long leg crab is a must eat! how did you find the taste of natto - it is a food you either like or hate

  2. I didn't eat Natto but my mum like it very much.


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