Japan Trip - 1st Day (12-02-2010)

(12/02/2010) We went to Japan by Cathay Pacific. It was a transfer flight there, from Kuala Lumpur to Hong Kong, then from Hong Kong to Narita, Japan. We had our breakfast and lunch in the plane. Everyone also had a special individual Mini- Television.That is why even the journey is very long, I did not feel boring at all.

9.30am from Kuala Lumpur to ----- ----> Hong Kong 1.30pm
3.30pm from Hong Kong to -------------> Narita 7.00pm
When we arrived at Narita Hotel it was already 9.30 p.m. So, we didn't go anywhere and we just bought some Japanese Instant Cup Noodle for our dinner.


  1. if i buy japanese instant cup ramen here it costs quite dear. better to stock up or eat as much as possible overseas :)

  2. For RM... the Japanese instant cup noddle was quite costly so we just chose the cheaper one :P


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