Jalan Pudu Food Street

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This is a famous Food Street in Jalan Pudu, all the food hawkers have more than 20 to 40 years experience... My parents said they came here when they were still a kid ^^
There were so many foods selling in this street.... Curry Chee Cheong Fun, Seafood noodle, porridge, fried chicken, traditional dessert.... my favourite food was the fried carrot cake and grilled squid with peanut rojak sauces, I finished the whole plate by myself.


  1. The food of a green plate seems to be delicious.
    Eating outside might be delicious.

  2. Yes, It is fried carrot cake, it is very delicious ^^ First.. they steamed the carrot cake in a big plate, after it became cold, they cut it into small pieces and fried with some vegetable and eggs. This hawker has more than 30years experience.

  3. how r u at japan? have fun right? when r u coming back? y din upload some pic tht u n ur family in japan?haha... xiao wei jie jie wish u happy chinese new year....

  4. Hi, I just came back (18/02/10) I will update my trip these few days.


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