Winter Solstice - Glutinous Rice Ball

  22/12/09 Winter Solstice (Dongzhi 冬至)is a traditional festival of the Chinese people. My grandma told me "Glutinous Rice Balls(tong yun) " is the Winter Solstice special food, is a circle made with glutinous rice flour desserts. That is a meaning of reunion and fulfillment. On this day, we eat glutinous rice balls as a symbol of family harmony. My grandma filled some peanut into the balls, it was very tasty.
  This year my mum is very busy, she didn't have time to prepare the glutinous rice ball, but she bought a pack of  the frozen glutinous rice ball which is filled with black sesame, I think I can try it this weekend :)


  1. Hi Henry,

    My family doesn't celebrate Winter Solstice, but we went to eat at a Malaysian restaurant today. By the way, I received your parcel and I will make tong yun after I come back from my family trip. Thanks for the goodies :)

    Wishing you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

    Take care,


  2. It eats the pumpkin in Japan on the day of winter solstice, and the yuzu orange is put in the bath and it gets warm.

  3. @ Grub,
    So happy you have finally received my parcel. The Sugar Melaka is not a recipe for tong yun only.It can also be used for other recipes because my family saw that you like to cook :)

    @ Eve

    Ooo... Japanese also celebrate the winter solstice festival??


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