Japan Trip - 2nd Day (13- 02- 2010)

13 Feb 2010 It was a rainy day. The weather was about 5 C°.  When we arrived Tokyo Disneyland there was so crowded. 
Tokyo Disneyland has seven compartments which are Western land, Critter Country, Fantasy Land, Adventure Land, World Bazaar, Toontown and Tomorrow Land.

Pooh's Hunny Hunt... Fanstasy Land....ToonTown.., 
Adventure Land...,Western River Railroad...Jungle Cruise

Disneyland Front Door, Cruise, Castle....
Having Chicken drumstick at roadside,
 Take photo with alliens

The wonderful parade show.....

Click the photos for larger view 

Tokyo Disneyland - Night View

Tokyo Disneyland is huge and beautiful. Although it was a rainy day, There still has present a wonderful parade show, they all were wearing raincoat during the show. All of us enjoyed the show and captured a lot of photos. 
Maybe it was Chinese New Year and Saturday there was so crowded, I was a little bit disappointed because we need to queue for more than one or two hours for a game. I didn't have enough time go through all the extreme games, I have enjoyed some short games and the wonderful parade show. 

13-01-2010 was Chinese New Year eve, so the tour guide arranged a Reunion Dinner (Chinese Food) for us. After that, we checked in to Keio Plaza Hotel and we had some free time, we went for a walk with Joel's family (my x-classmate Joel, his parents worked in Japan last time and they can speak in Japanese)

The weather at night was cold which was 2 C° and It was snowing. 

supper - lamen

we ordered the normal lamen - lamen with pork and vegetable


  1. wow the lamen (ramen?) looks so nice! btw did you take a look at the signatures at the back of the wall? i think they are famous people who have ate in the shop.

  2. Ya, I think they were some famous artist, but I don't know their name :P


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