Japan Trip - the 6th Day (17-02-2010)

Morning, we had photo stopped at Osaka Castle We tried Takoyaki at the park but it was too soft, the tour guide told us, if we wanted to taste the original takoyaki, we must go to the Osaka Takoyaki Museum (but we didn't have a chance to visit there, because we didn't have enough time).



We went to Universal Studio, Osaka.  

The naughty Popeye kept on stomping towards dad when dad was trying to capture a photo for us.

The Spider-man 4D effect Studio: The Daily Bugle was quite interesting. I felt like Spider-man's sidekick when I was there. It was a bit slow first but while fighting the strong villains, we had to move quickly. 

Sherk's 4D movie was very exciting and "Terminator" also very nice but we missed the "Back To The Future".

Jurassic Park: The Ride; was very nice. It showed really  beautiful and realistic dinosaurs but it was a bit scary when we entered the prohibited area. We had to wear a raincoat while playing the game because the final rush had a big splash that would soak us wet thoroughly.   

Universal Studio closed earlier on that day (winter season), we leave there at 5.30pm. 
At the opposite side of  Universal Studio there is Universal City Walk, our tour group friends bought a lot of jackets and T.Shirt at the Hard Rock Merchandise.


  1. takoyaki mueseum?! WOW that's the first time I heard anything like it. must be a heavenly place XD i recently bought a packet of frozen takoyaki, but it won't taste is good as freshly made ones.

    have you tried the takoyaki stalls located outside jusco and giant in malaysia?

  2. Yes, I tried the Jusco takoyaki and it is very
    nice. Unfortunately I did not go to the takoyaki museum. The tour guide told us that the takoyaki there is extremely delicious.


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