Japan Trip - the 4th Day (15-02-2010)

It was snowing when we went to Mt.Fuji, we were only allowed to enter to the 1st station.

Due to the weather, snow and mist covered the view. we couldn't see Mt. Fuji, but I  liked the snow view, this was my first time to see snowing. The whole area was covered by snow.

I had fun playing snowball with my friend and family.

a short video - snowing


After leaving Fuji-Hakone, we visited to Peace Park, the tour guide said the best season to visit Japan is April, because there will be Sakura trees all along the street.

This park also has big binoculars which allow us to have a better view of  Mt. Fuji. 

The vending machine is easy to find anywhere in Japan, it was so convenient for all of us. I think Japanese like to drink coffee, because the vending machine has a lot of coffee choices.

We bought this ice-cream from the vending machine, it was green tea flavour covered by wafer, It was very nice!

Lake Ashi Cruise - We had a 15 minutes ride to Owakudani Volcano Valley.

The red gate is called  "Torii Gate". There was a strong sulphur smell in this area. Even there was a heavy rain when we arrived at the volcanic valley, my parents still brought me to enter to the top yellow house, so good to me. It was a factory to make the famous black shelled eggs 黑玉子. The heat of the hot spring here was 80 °C to 100°C .

The eggs after-effect in the hot spring will get a black shell, but the egg white and egg yolk are same as a normal egg, the taste is also the same as a normal boiled egg.


After that, we took 3 hours to proceeded to Kyoto. On the way, the bus stopped at a rest station for a few minutes. At the rest station there were many souvenir shops. 

Their packings are very nice, we bought a lot of souvenir too.


  1. the boiled egg is rather interesting. did you try onsen (hot spring) egg - it is when they cook eggs in hot springs.

    japanese also like the take great care into wrapped goods. i find it that they must wrap food in multiple layers.

  2. The black egg is the hot spring boiled egg :S

    Ya, their packing is wrapped neatly and has multiple layers..... ^^


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