Japan Trip - the 5th Day (16-02-2010)

 Toyohashi / Kyoto 

Most of the Japanese are Buddist, so they have many temples in their country. This is Klyomizu Temple. The Main Hall is the major attraction due to its broad wooden veranda which built by the wooded canyon without any bolt or nut.

Photo with two Japanese ladies who are wearing Kimono

 Here also a famous tourism point, along the road was so many souvenir shops  

Uncle Patrick blessed us two ice-creams, one was green tea flavor, another one was black sesame flavor, both flavors were very tasty!! 

In the afternoon, we had a tempurna lunch set before we eat, we had to put the radish in the sauce for the tempura. Since tempura were all deep fried and we dip the tempura in the sauce it would help reduce some oil.

After lunch, we enjoyed a Kimono fashion show at Nishijin Kimono Center

We took a Shinkansen ride that was about 15 minutes to arrive Osaka. The bullet train service started more than 40 years ago. It is the most busiest high-speed train in the world. Japanese often use the Shinkansen to travel around their country. I really admired the Japanese technology. No wonder everyone hope is  to visit Japan.

Osaka / Shimsaibashi

We arrived at Osaka about 5pm. Osaka is Japan's second largest city. 

Shimsaibashi, one of the longest shopping avenues in Osaka. The tour guide gave us 1 1/2 hours to shop in this area.

My mum wanted to shop with some aunts, Joel and I followed our dads to shop. There were a variety of  shops along the road.Such as fashion, bookshops, toy shops, souvenir shops, pharmacies, restaurants and pachinko........

This is a Pachinko shop. Pachinko(パチンコ) is a Japanese gaming device used for amusement and gambling. My dad said it is no good for us, we didn't enter it.

We had a shabu shabu for dinner.


  1. the ice cream looks great! they have something similar like this is taiwan as well. taiwan's ice cream is very swirled very, very tall!

  2. I like the sesame flavor, it is so delicious!


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