The Snow Village / Snow Town/ 雪乡 (CNY Trip 2012)

We took a 5 - hour trip by bus to from the city of Harbin to the snow village. When we arrived, I was awestruck by the beauty of the snow in this district. At the same time, I was also shivering at the village because the temperature there was around -30 degrees Celsius'The snow that gathered on the dead trees make them look like snow toadstools. A lot of snow seemed to fall in this village and I once appeared to have my left foot buried deep in snow when I was caught unaware while walking around the village.
The thick snow present in trees and piles of snow hovering on each and every roof is brought in by the 8 months of winter experienced by the inhabitants of the snow village every year.
This is me trying to make a snow angel on snow but it failed as there was not enough snow. 

Many winter games can be experienced here from riding on huskies tobogganing and skiing while sitting but the snow village sure demands for a price. Every activity cost about 100yuan.

We managed to capture a picture of a snowman quietly standing and enduring the snow. =D

Ice sculptures nice created by a bunch of talented inhabitants of this village ~

Some people enjoying a ride on a sleigh pulled by two awesome huskies.

A great variety of  ice creams laid out and ready to be sold as there was no possibility of them melting in such a freezing climate. A wonderful way to save money since a freezer is not required.

The sugar coated haws (冰糖葫芦) which are found almost anywhere in China is an extremely famous Chinese cuisine.  It looks nice but I dislike it as it is very hard.  


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