Year 2011 Report

2008 - This was the year my blog was born. At that time life was rather deserted and that was because I didn't know how to manage my blog at that time. I only did 17 posts that year. 
2009 - In 2009, I did the most posts for my blog which was 108 posts. This was the year I met two extremely kind and encouraging friends and the first year we began to send treats to each other. To look back, I am kind of proud of this year.
2010 - I was lazier than the last year instead of being . I only managed to do 83 posts. Life was kind of good that year. However, nothing much to talk about. . .
2011 - Due to the UPSR exam I only managed 28 posts. T.T  Wow! A terrifying drop from 2009 onward. I had. . . 
the best times of the year  - A trip to Guilin & Guangzhou with my family, my UPSR rewards and the youth camp of year 2011.
the busiest time of the year - Preparing for UPSR and modelling clay projects.
the 100% bookworm month which was in October when I had only two posts which concerned of Logos Hope visiting Malaysia and the Big Bad Wolf book sale. I really enjoyed the bountiful harvest of books I was receiving from my parents and . . . 
the most eventful holiday I had in December and then another year flies away gracefully from time. 

Thus, ends the year of  2011.


  1. hey henry! this is your 5th year of blogging right? i just realized a few days ago that this year would be my 4th! time sure flies! i feel that my posts are becoming more slack and that i am blogging less.

    i'm really glad i was able to meet you through the blogging world! all the best into the future!


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