The Great Wall of China & The Ice City Harbin

This year my parents decided to have a head start to the new year with a nice chill and we headed to Tianjin on the  21st of January by flight. We then transferred  to Beijing by a
bullet train. The weather was about - 10 degree Celsius. We managed to visit the Ming Dynasty tombstone, ancient palace artifacts of the Ming Dynasty and of course, The Great Wall of China. 
The wind blowing at the Great Wall was very cold and strong when we were there. I brought a bottle of water to boost me up with energy but it had some frozen particles in it when we reached the peak.  

We captured some photos when we were at the Beijing Olympic Stadium. This year the Olympics will be held at London. Hmmm . . . I wonder if I will be going to London next year. Hahaha =D 
            The next day, we had to catch a flight to Harbin which took approximately two hours of our morning. When we got out of the airport we ran to a random tour van to take cover before we turned into frozen fries. The chilly weather was about -20 degrees Celsius! We were also amazed at the sight of monuments and ice sculptures all around the city as we drove along. Sadly, the batteries of our cameras reduced at an incredible rate and we missed the chance to take all the beautiful photos of the scenery. Winter made it difficult to see sunlight in Harbin. At 4.00 pm, the whole sky was plunged into the darkness as the Sun went down in the western horizon. 

In the evening, we gathered all our courage to eat ice cream in this cold city and it turns out that we could enjoy the ice cream very slowly as it wouldn't melt even if we walked around. We also bought a stalk of fireworks to play. 

That night , we dined at a well-known Russian restaurant. The restaurant was extremely grand and I felt privileged to be able to dine here.

                 The following day, we followed a local tour to Yabuli Ski Centre and this let me experience skiing for the first time. It was a wonderful experience but my feet hurt as the ski shoes had to be made of hard materials. Before we went there, I browsed the Internet to find out that it was supposed to be a very large ski resort with many nice skiing fields but sadly, we didn't go there due to the reason we were mostly beginners at the sport. The tour guide said it would be too dangerous so he just brought us to a small slope.

Going uphill is a time consuming part of the sport but sliding down the slope only takes a handful of seconds. 

One more pose.Camera! One! Two! Three! *SNAP* 


  1. wow your trip looks so much fun! when i was in hokkaido, the weather wasn't that cold around -3 to 0 degrees celcius. i was very surprised that i didn't have to change batteries (power did not reduce at all)!

    the Russian restaurant looks very grand indeed. oh i went to a popular and HUGE ski resort, but i didn't ski at all, i slid down with a tobaggan and laid on the ice (had 100% waterproof clothes on)

    looking forward for more travel photos :)

    1. Yup! This place is really kind of exciting. My next post will be about the main objective of my China trip : The snow village in Harbin. The temperature there is around -30 degrees Celsius

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