My Secondary School

I am currently a student in a secondary school. This school is a cluster school and is extremely strict on its rules.
        I was told by my class teacher that there was going to be a reading  corner located at the back of our class which we would be given the chance to sit there on a rug and read a book. I'm dreaming of a nice comfy red rug and a big fat book filled with interesting stories but we are going to be using someone's old rug  which is still in good shape but usable and books which are going to be distributed by ourselves since the shelves are empty. Too bad comics couldn't be brought to school since I was hoping of reading some.  T.T  Anyway, I was thinking of sharing some books that had been read already. Anyway, I am already starting to like my new school.
I hope for all the best in this school. 


  1. i remember when i first started secondary school i became lost quite a lot! luckily my seniors were nice and helped me get to my classrooms!

    the reading corner sounds really fun and we used to have those in primary school with bean bags haha

    i hope you have fun and adapt quickly to your new surroundings :D


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