Counter Strike and DoTa

My school is filled with activities. This week it is IT Week and there are fun challenges designed by the IT Brigadiers. There is a IT treasure hunt and I think the prizes are luminous awesome. I've heard that the winning group the last year was awarded a pen drive each member. However, there are more interesting activities organized by them. There is a Counter Strike competition on in the school this Thursday. It is open to groups of people in five and the entrance fee for the whole group sums up to RM40 (o.O). It's expensive but the prize this year is a laptop which goes to the victorious gamers. Counter Strike is like a first-person shooter video game and there is a side objective of planting a time bomb to win the game or defusing it before the team's death.There is also a DoTa game which I recently knew about and I think only pro-gamers join after an Internet research (my opinion is this game is a little bit unholy).It seems to be about a group of hereos called Sentinels and a group who plays as the Scrouges which are the villains while defending yourself from any deaths before revival. That is all the IT Brigadiers have prepared for this week. I didn't take part in any competition myself though =D


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