Flute 01

       I haven't been posting anything for 3 weeks or more and this blog seems to be getting dusty. *Cough*
                    This year, I joined the Boy's Brigade in my school. When I first joined the Boy's Brigade I tried the saxophone but there was not enough ligatures. I waited for it until last week. I decided to change to the flute. The flute I was given was labelled FL01.
       The flute is rather light compared to my Tenor saxophone. It is an aerophone unlike the other woodwind instruments in this brass band. 
       I can hardly make any sound with the flute. I hope practice makes perfect. It is such a nice instrument and I can blow through the mouthpiece bit by bit but when I attach it to the whole thing I get nervous when pressing the buttons and forget how to blow it. 
       I keep on whistling due to accidents but otherwise it sounds kind of nice if nothing goes wrong. I like my new instrument very much because I can finally try to play something in the band but I don't know much yet. I only know how to blow the flute(sometimes) and the first note. I only hope I will be able to be part of the band in the competition this year.


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