A band Performance, a parcel and a Gangnam Style

I  can finally get my hands on the laptop like... now. This December has been awesome and I just can't tell how grateful I am to those of you continue to read my blog. Yea ... you can see it dropping drastically since 2010 but I really hope to get better..... Oh well, better get on with the year end events!

1. Sunway Pyramid celebrating Christmas early this year at 23 December 2012. They invited us, the 1st Kuala Lumpur Boy's Brigade, for a band function to bring up the Christmas spirit in the hearts of the people. I think we did touch the hearts of some people with our music. We played 6 songs altogether and I'm standing in the front row, second from the left. :-D        Enjoy the first half of our performance.

2. Yay! Annual parcel from Australia has reached again (23 December 2012) Filled with edible stuff, cooking goods, photos and cook books! I really love  the cookbooks. My best Blogger friend, Grub town, is awesome.  I guess I should start using the awe-inspiring cookbooks too now. 

3. The trending Gangnam Style this year has already had tons of its remixes and parodies on Youtube. It has now hit 1,000,000,000 views! In fact,  Youtube Rewind this year has become a remix of it too, with Psy himself in the music video and other stars of Youtube, I hope it has become famous too! On the 16th of December, my family, my cousins and I had an outing to Bukit Tinggi. On the way back, we had a visit to Colmar Tropicale, sort of what you can call a French resort in Malaysia although the weather is nothing like it XD   and, there is where we had our Gangnam style. Hahaha...

Looks like that's a full scoop of December's brief chill and exciting flavours in 2012 for me.


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