The New 2012 Malaysian Banknotes

I recently received news that Malaysia will be having new banknotes through The Star Newspaper. I was so excited to know more and and decided to browse the Internet about it and the images were not complete so I surfed on YouTube and chose the best video I could find. This video however is in Malay but the things are all about the special things available in Malaysia. I am especially interested in the twenty ringgit-note. The  twenty ringgit note which was used in the past ceased existence before I was born so I feel very happy to be able to see a RM20 note for the first time. Anyway, here's the video I saw on YouTube.


  1. New banknotes of Malaysia is very beautiful.
    Every new banknotes has a beautiful color.

  2. happy new year to you and your family! (sorry i am late with the reply)

    new bank notes are sure exciting! there hasn't been any new designs in the Australian one yet, but our 20c and 50c coins have new designs each year.

    for me it is strange holding RM1 notes since in Australia out $1 is a gold coin haha. i sometimes think i am rich holding a stack of notes when most of them are RM1 AHAHAH

  3. @ eve
    You are very thoughtful of Malaysia but I also like the Japanese banknotes as they appear in very big amounts like 10 000, which Malaysia does not have.

    Happy New Year to you too!

    Actually I do recall Malaysia having a RM 1 as a gold coin when I was younger ( er... most probably when I was 7 ).


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