Three in a Row ~

   Three (Folio's) projects one right after another during these 2 weeks... No choice but I have to finish it on time because it cost from about 20 to 40 marks in my Mid- Year Exam. First, a Geography (Kajian Tempatan) project. Just when it was finished, a music project comes in the way. When done, a Health Education (Pendidikan Kesihatan) project appears. Now, my Health Education project is still in process.  T.T  It has to be passed up before 30th April 2010. Let's hope there will be no more projects after this one or else I might not have enough time to post something on my blog. 
    Anyway, these projects have to be done solo. Everything including the  scrap book cover, image searching, information searching and typing......................... all done by me, solo. In my old school, it was done by teamwork. Normally, done by  five in a group. It sounds seriously good because it is done by team work but there is no time  to do it in school. So, it has to be done at one of the five members house  but there might be transportation problem. When it is done as solo, the only member might feel a bit only but gets to know most of  the things that has to be done. When it is done in a team  you  have only a bit of  the whole project.  So, those are the advantages and disadvantages of doing it solo and in a team.


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