I like reading ^_^

The World Book Day and The Earth Day is on the same date this year which is 22-04-2010, although it was already pass, but some book shops are still have "Promotion", there are a lot of book have great discount, I went to two book shops in this week, I went to Popular book shop to buy some revision books and also went to MPH to buy some story books.
The souvenir from Popular Book Shop - 
World Book Day book marks
For story books I would prefer MPH book shop,
 there are more choices :) 


  1. it's good to see that you like reading. for me, i used to love reading, but when i begun my senior high school life, i haven't been reading unless i have to, to do school work. hopefully i will get more time after my exams.

    but i still read my manga and cook books :) must read some novels soon!!

  2. I am also going to have an exam quite soon.

  3. 5:06AM. ?
    How it gets up early!
    I like reading too.

  4. lol... I think may be my blogger's time setting has a problem? (Let's try... now is 8.21pm)

  5. Opps! It's really has an error! How can I repair/ adjust it?

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.


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