Yesterday, I went to my uncle's house. I saw a small aquarium which is about 1 feet in width and 10 inches in height. It was filled with many species of guppies.  I really admire that my cousin sister has so many pet fishes. Sigh....  I tried asking my parents about getting a kitten or puppy as a pet but to no avail. They complained so much about dog fleas, vet fees, the fur, train it to pee/poo at the potty......................They were afraid I'd get a lack o' patience and just give up on training it and taking care of it. 
Now, for Plan B, after seeing this aquarium I asked them for some fish such as catfish, arovana, guppies and other sorts of carp. They said they just might get me some...... Yay! What a sucess! 
         =D           =D         =D 

See..... the wonderful guppies and some special fish with a glow-in-the-dark strip on their backs. Isn't it nice?


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