A belated birthday present ^.^ ~

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This is my birthday present, I received it from my church pastor last Sunday. It is " Rainbow Good News Bible" with a soft-touch gift edition. I think it is made of leather or velvet. I like this Bible very much, this bible explains the meaning of every character's name, such as "Adam" known as " Humanity"....... 
Our pastor is very humble and kind. He would buy a present (normally a chirstian book or a bible)  for every member in our church on our birthday every year. He is a good example for all of us. He always encourage us to be kind and love our family, friends and neighbour as ourself, he teachs us to do good things, to talk good words and to think good way (to be possitive thinking) he also told us the important of  "Sow and Reap". I thank God that He sent such a wonderful pastor to lead us to walk in the righteous way.


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