Sports Day ~ ~ ~

Last Saturday was my school sport day, I didn't post it on time,
because I was waiting  for someone to post more photos....... but
after few days no one updated their photos on their blog or facebook
website yet. So I just posted a few photos here. This year my parents
didn't go to my school because they were very busy on that day, so
I didn't get to capture any photos during the program, mum just
captured a few photos before the program started, but I knew she
tried her best.......We celebrated our Sports Day at the secondary
school's field which is just next to our primary school. We have four
colour houses - blue, red, green and yellow. I was in blue house I
was not chosen by teacher for any sport program :P because I really
weak in sports, that's why you can see that I am very small in size,
mum always complained that I didn't grow like the people on my
same age :( Anyway, I participated in marching, and our team was
the winner! That whole day was very fun,the teachers and all of us
had a very Happy Sports Day :)


  1. don't worry, when you do grow, you will be taller than everyone else :D

    i used to be the shortest girl in my class when i first entered high school, but now i'm taller than the girls (except 1) that were in my yr 7 class.

  2. Is there any food that help us grow taller? =D


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