An Old First Day Cover ~

20-04-2010, While I was enjoying a wonderful collection of stamps in my father's stamp album, I found this "Cats" first day cover - year 1999. Year 1999 was the same year I was born, this  means this first day cover is same age with me :)  I was enjoying to see stamps collection, the art is very nice.
The back of  this envelope is a black and white striped cat, doesn't it look like a real cat?

Attached in this first day cover, it is a cats album. Inside the albums there is a lot of cats photos and their information. This series issued while that was an International Cat Show in 1999.

** There is a state call Kuching (The city of cats) in Sarawak, Malaysia. I have visited  Kuching with my family few years ago, I still remember that there were so many cat statues built in the city, and there is even a world one and only  "Cat Museum" in Kuching.


  1. It is a wonderful envelope.

  2. Thank you. I hope I can share some more beautiful first day cover and stamps on my blog :)


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