Stamps Collection - Firefly

Date Of Issue: 10-05-2010

This stamp issuance features several fireflies species found in Malaysia. The most unique genus in Malaysia, that is the congregating fireflies, Pteroptyx spp., is featured in the 30sen stamp and RM5 Miniature Sheet.
The 50sen stamps feature Lychnuris sp., a common firefly with a half moon head shield (pronotum) which is found at the forest edge, plantations and parks. The female of the Lychnuris is in larviform and cannot fly.

In Malaysia, there are many rivers where thousands on this species group together along the inter tidal mangrove rivers such as Kuala Selangor, where the fireflies display themselves on the Sonneratia caseolaris display trees along the river like 'Christmas trees'. 

The Miniature Sheet is very unique as the bottom part of the firefly's abdomen where the light is emitted is printed using a special transparent holographic foil to reflect a real firefly flashing at night.

Fireflies are beetles and are locally known as 'kelip-kelip'. Fireflies are insects that enjoy environments and love moisture. They thrive in the moist forests, fields, as high as 1500 metres, in urban parks, near ponds, streams, lakes and rivers. Most fireflies are nocturnal insects and come out just after sunset.

Welcome to click to my Firefly -trip August 17 2009 to view more photos ^.^


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