Rainforest And Canopy Walk (FRIM)

01-05-2010 was Labour Day, Aunt Ebbie organised a half day trip to FRIM (Forest Reserve Institute Of Malaysia) which is located at Kepong, Kuala Lumpur. This was the first time we walked through a Malaysian rainforest to help increase our understanding of the forest. This was a  back-to-nature experience, we were
enjoying the floral, fauna, landscapes.......We also crossed a waterfall and had a picnic over there. The highlight of this trip is the canopy walk above the tree tops. The canopy walkway was 200m long, it was constructed in 1992 with assistance of the Germans for scientific studies of above ground for seeing both flora and fauna. By the time we reached the beginning of the walkway. We were terrified as we moved warily along the walkway because the canopy was built 30m above ground level. Various species of palm trees were below the canopy.

I found this beetle, but its horn is still very short, My Dad
told me the horn will grow longer as the beetle grows.

We also found a St. Andrew Spider, but when some of us 
got closer, it ran away and we didn't get to capture a 
photo. It looks different from normal spiders, it also looks like it 
only has 4 legs and showed a cross sight, but actually
it  is also an 8-legged as spider.

I caught a small dragonfly, of course I released it
after I took a photo :P  

Enlarge this map to see interesting places if you are going there on your trip to Malaysia(^-^)


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