Jungle Trekking - Templer Park

02-05-2010----- After our jungle trekking visit at FRIM, the next day my uncle planned a visit to Ulu Yam Waterfall. We thought he knew the way to the waterfall but actually he didn't know it. We drove and drove but we didn't find the place so we decided to go to Templer Park. When we reached there, it was already 2.00pm. We took about one hour walked into a jungle to find a waterfall, on the way at the jungle we saw a troop of monkeys, some of us were scared and suggested to turn back but we didn't, Brother Ray said we should not easily give up...... Finally we reached  the waterfall, we were so happy and forgot of our weary feelings. Thank God because He gave us strength to continue our jungle trekking without fail, finally being able to find the destination and have a wonderful day with our family.

Leeches are common animals found in dampy places, such as the forest. These blood-sucking creatures look like branches when they have not absorbed blood. When we reached the waterfall, we found a leech close to some stones but before we could capture any photos, the leech squirmed beneath the soil. :) 

From this trip, I learned that we should bring a map along or we might get lost easily or waste time. Other than that, I also learned that  we should bring along a raincoat because of sudden rains. We also need to bring some salt, sulphur( just in case a leech comes to sap your blood) but if you forgot to bring it along human pee is also effective on a leech's body ^.^


  1. You and everyone may get to one's destination safely. Everyone seems to be happy.

  2. Ya, we have a wonderful day with family (^.^)The weather on that day is nice too.


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