The Amazing Fireflies

Last Saturday (15/08/09) our church's fellowship organized
a trip to Kuala Selangor to see the amazing fireflies.
We reached Kuala Selangor about 6.45pm, we had
a seafood dinner but it was not as delicious as we expected.
After dinner, we went to"Kampung Kuantan" which
was famous for its tourism for fireflies. The renting fees for a
"sampan*" was RM 40.00. Each sampan can carry 4 to
5 people. *sampan = wooden boat

  I was shivering a little in the beginning because the
life guard told us the river has crocodiles...... but when
I saw the glowing firelies, my fear escaped.

 It was too difficult to capture photos in the dark :(
My dad tried to capture a nice photo. Unfortunately,
we only captured a photo of a single firefly =X

I found this photo on the internet. It was exactly
what I saw during the trip. The fireflies were surrounding
the trees they made it look like Christmas trees.
It looked awesome!


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