Want to say 'Thanks' to Help forum friends

Last Saturday when I checked my older post, I found that I've lost so many older posts images which I posted from year 2008 to April 2010, I was so sad and worried that my blog lost all those images, without delay and deciding not to give up, I left my question at Blogger Help forum and tried finding some help. In these few days many of them tried to help me to solve the problem, they were so friendly and helpful. Finally (today) laura2 told me that my missing images showed Error 403 Forbidden. It means I  have changed my Picasa album from public to unlisted. So, I quickly checked my Picasa Album and it was exactly what laura2 told me, after I changed back the image modes to public, all my older images came back!
I want to say thanks to all of you (The new Katney, rahulkhatri, Kobusnl, laura2.......) without your support I never got any further, I hope someday later I also can share something with all of you..........

Thank you!!!


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