Dessert, Fruits or Soap?

I found these dessert, cup cakes and fruits from other website, they are actually Homemade Soap. I think people will probably buy it for collection and  are going to decide not going to use it,  because they are so pretty!
Handmade Coconut Milk Soap, I think better keep it away from the younger children who do not know about cake soap (*.*)

These 100% similar looking cupcake handmade soaps, wouldn't you want to get a bite?

Soap crafted in the shape of  fruits. According to the website, these soap can keep their beauty for 10-15 years unless the contact water.



  1. this is awesome!!!!

  2. Is it a real cupcake??? it looks real... ifly my new bestest friends!!!!! SARA AND HARLEY!!!


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