National Animals ~

Today I checked my Flag Counter and thought of a new post about national animals of my top six visitor's country. I am really grateful  for those of them who visit me often. Sorry for not posting other countries national animals because I am afraid that if I upload too many animal photos you will mistake my blog for a zoo  =D

Hornbills are usually found in Sabah, a state in Malaysia. 

USA-Bald Eagle
Bald eagle is an endangered species of eagle which can be found in USA. 

File:Tanuki01 960.jpg
The national animal of Japan which are also usually found in Japan movies.

Australia- Koala Bear
This animal is only found in Australia and eats eucalyptus leaves.

United Kingdom- Red Fox
The red fox is an adaptible animal to snow and ice.

Beavers are aquatic animals with a floppy tail which build their houses out of wood.


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