Yummy French Toast ^^

This morning, Mom didn't prepare breakfast for me, instead Dad cooked his best (actually he has limited recipe only =D) French Toast for me. It looks like quite easy to cook.... breads + eggs + sugar. The taste was nice, I brought some to school to share with my friends too.
If you wanna to learn how to make French Toast, maybe you can try this out.


  1. wow this looks tasty. my mum and uncle has made french toast before but only use eggs. actually i prefer my uncle's version haha! i watched the video and it looks quite easy to make. i will try it soon ^^

  2. Haha... My Dad also just used bread + eggs + sugar + butter. After I searched the youtube, I also requested for that recipe XD

  3. Your Dad is good Dad.
    I occasionally make a French toast.
    It looks like how to make the video.

  4. Next time I also will ask my Dad put honey instead of sugar, I think it may nice too :P


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