FInal Exam Is Over! (^-^)

Ah, I feel so happy. Exam is finally over. I think some were pretty easy but others were some how difficult. Especially, the Pendidikan Moral and Pend. Sivik. I feel so free, now probably I might post more on my blog!

Next Tuesday (3/10/2009), is Children's Day. Our Maths teacher said that he might provide KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken) for our class on Children's Day because it is also my class monitor's birthday. I can't wait for Children's Day.

Today, some of classmate are going to my classmate mum's cafe to meet Ian Teng(who recently left our school). Too bad.. Ian didn't come.. It is a nice cafe.

After that, I went to the Perpustakaan Negara(also known as the National Library.) I borrowed 9 intresting books. Mwahaha.. now I won't feel so boring on weekends.


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