Visited To A Deepavali Open House

Today is the second day of the Deepavali, we have visited to our Indian friend's open house, She is my aunt's neighbor. She is very kind and invites us to her house every year, she cooks a lot of Indian food for us, this year she cooked some indian food for those who can't eat curry. I feel so happy to be a Malaysian, because we can always mix with others races and we can have so many types of food. The last photo is a Indian snack "Muruku" which is very crispy and tasty, I like to eat it so much :P


  1. muruku is so nice :) although i do prefer soy crisps better. my grandma also knows how to make muruku!

    wow your aunt's neighbour is so nice. my neighbour also invites us to her house and gives us food shes makes.

    it's a great pleasure to know you have a good neighbour

  2. Ya, she is so generous, she cooked a lot of delicious food to serve her friends. ^.^


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