Earth Tremor at Kuala Lumpur

Yesterday, someone invited my parents and Aunt Cindy to an Open Raya buffet, so my parents left me at Aunt Cindy's house. When they left, it was about 6:30 p.m. After a while, Brother John and I heard some people shouting,"Earthquake!" and some footsteps.

Minutes later, Aunt Sheong knocked at our door and told us to run. Brother John and I hastily ran down the stairs. To our surprise, we saw a lot of people outside the flat. While we were waiting there, Brother John told us that he was actually trembling while playing the computer. At first he thought he was having a headache then he only figured it out that it was the earthquake problem.

An old woman from the 17th floor said that her aquarium filled with water was waving like waves in the sea. My uncle told my mom about the incident and mom told me she was very worried about me at that time. 10 minutes after the incident, my uncle told me and Brother John that it was safe to return to the flat. It was a very scary experience.

Regarding the earthquake, I found a very interesting website and here it is. Just click HERE


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