God Answer My Prayer ^^

Yesterday night before I slept, I asked my mum to pray for me because I hope to get a "Drawing Guide Book" from my science teacher - Teacher Faizol who said he will giving it to one of us in the class for free. My mum told me that she thought Teacher Faizol would not give it to me, because I am a new student in the school, and they were more children who deserved to get it instead of me, but I didn't give up, I prayed sincerely.........
Today, when it was our Science Lesson, Teacher Faizol came with the book, he was taking a nice look at the class, suddenly........ He called my name "Henry Chay" Yeah! Teacher Faizol gave me the book, it was real! He chose me, thank you Teacher Faizol & I wanted to thank God this year I am so blessed. God really always answers my prayers!


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