"Spiderman" climbed to our KL Twin Towers Again!

Wow! so amazing....."Spider man" Alain Robert, the 47 year-old Frenchman attempt climbing the KL Twin Towers again on 01-09-09 about 6.00am. He reached the pinnacle of Tower Two less than two hours later and posed for photographs in the rain and driving wind.
This was his third attempt at scaling the Twin Towers. His earlier attempts in 1997 and 2007 ended on the 60th floor when he spotted and stopped by security personnel.
This time he successfully reached to the top of the tower! But he was slapped with a RM 2000 fine at the magistrate's court yesterday.
He also said to the reporter he was planning to scale the Science Centre in Dubai next!
I think "Climbing" really is his passion, he is so brave and doesn't care about his risk, so great!


  1. too bad he got fined RM2000 he should have asked for permission...but then again I don't think they would let him for safety purposes

  2. the newspaper said it was 60% risk, that's why they wouldn't allow him. So dangerous!


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