A Gift and Letter to my oversea friends

Today I prepared 2 letters to my friends, they were one from
Australia while the other one is from Japan. Now a day there was
nobody like to send letter by post, email is the fastest way to
communicate with each others, but this time I wanna to attached
something special to them, so I've to send by post. It is also a new
experience to send letter to a country far from me. ^.^

Mom checked it with the post office. They said
it would be about RM1.50 for each 2 grams and my
friends would get it in about 7-10 days.

I hope both of them will get my letter on time...=D


  1. hey henry :)

    your letter arrived today. thank you for your letter and small gift! i love it :)

    i am going to send you something soon! hope you like my gift as well

    by the way, nice background music!

  2. Yeah! So happy that you have received my letter, this is my first time send letter to oversea, feel so good ^.^

    Thanks for admiring my background music
    いのちの名前 平原綾香 With 久石譲


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