Gem Island Trip from 19-09-09 to 22-09-09

During Hari Raya, our school has an extra holiday for a week.
Our family joined the church cell group to a 4days 3nights
trip to Gem Island, Terengganu. That was an awesome trip,
from morning until evening we went snorkelling. Our
leaders are Uncle Andy and his wife, Pastor Elaine. They
are experienced and they taught us a lot of skills in
snorkelling. We stayed in Gem Island Resort & Spa.
That is the only building and resort on this small island,
although not many Malaysians know this island but it is
well-known by other countries. We found a lot of foreigners
especially Japanese tourist at the resort.

p/s: too bad.... We can't bring along our camera with us
while snorkelling, so we didn't capture any snorkelling photos

It was the jellyfish season during our trip. My cousin was
seriously stung by a jellyfish (as shown in the picture above)
Luckily, Pastor Elaine told us that lime cures jellyfish stings
and we have to apply it to my cousin's leg.

The photo on the left: I found that coconut grows like that :P
Right (Top): I found these by the seashore.
Anyone knows what's it?
Right (Bottom): A third party caught these clown fish. They looks
like Marlin and his son, Nemo.

p/s: after that the uncle released them back into the blue ocean.

My father captured some photos around the resort.They
are pufferfish, crab, baby shark, fishes, turtle and jellyfish.

This resort also holds a turtle conservation project.
They collect the turtle's eggs until they hatch and
grow strong and firm then finally, they set
the turtles free to roam in the blue ocean.

p/s: Turtles eat jellyfish without being affected by their poison.


  1. Gem Island is a very beautiful island.
    In blue with beautiful color of the sea, it is dreamlike beautiful. It was a wonderful vacation.

  2. Yes, Gem Island is very beautiful.Did you visit to this island before?

  3. I have not been to the island.
    I want to go to the island very much.

  4. There are so many Japanese and other foreigners. It is a small and peaceful island which is not crowded by a lot of people.


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