Special Holiday (18-09-09)

After the Ramadhan Month 20-09-09
it is our Islamic friends Hari Raya. Our prime minister
set a holiday today because they have a religious
custom to go back to their family's village.

Aunt Cindy gave me a packet of Mini- Garlic Bread. My mum
prepared a bowl of mushroom soup as a side taste for the
garlic bread this morning. Mmm.......Yummy!

Afternoon-My mum brought me a box of rice, the box was not
made by polystyrene. She told me it was a recycled material.
Wow! Amazing, this is vegetarian nasi lemak. It was delicious.
There is an extra piece of *keropok just for snacks...=D

*keropok = it's a type of indian crackers


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