My Mum's Home-made Lunchbox (:D)

Due to this month is a Bulan Puasa'*, my school's
canteen didn't sell much food, My mum was prepared
a lunch box for me. Again, she woke up early in the
morning to make it. She spent about 1/2 an hour to
prepare it. I feel so grateful to her. This lunch box
is made from the ideas of my mother's heart.
Even it's just a normal fillet bun and etc. I'm so happy.

Container 1: A small packet soya milk and grapes.
Container 2: Bread +fish fillet and cheese

*Bulan Puasa - our Malay friends will have a
fasting month before their Hari Raya(New Year)
I'm studying in a government school, so we have
to respect them and can't eat food in front of the
Malay classmate. This is also my first experience
because last time there are no Malay in my
X- Chistrian School. I have to learn how to
respect others races cultures.


  1. wow your box lunch looks very tasty ^^

  2. hehe... it's actually just normal fillet fish and bread, but I appreciated it so much.

  3. I like sandwiches.
    The fried fish is also good.
    The lunch time is happy. (^-^)/

  4. I know that tuna is more healthier than fried fish, but I like the fillet.... Mmm.Yummy!


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