Malaysian Holidays XD

I look up the calendar and notice that for two weeks there is no school on Mondays and then, if I'm not mistaken it will be the CNY holidays. Such are holidays in my country - consistent as can be. Time learning in school will be cut short and yet we are expected to rush the syllabus by July so there will be more time for us to prepare for the big day.
Today is one of those holidays. Thaipusam. Nothing much happened today except the fact that I am stranded in my mom's office doing some casual revision. Lunch turned out to be the highlight of the day. My mom treated me to the Arabian restaurant just a few blocks away from her place.
Did I ever mention that I love eating? Well, anyway, I tried this Mandi Lamb dish. What better than an authentic Arabian dish to sate my hunger pangs after my taste buds have gotten all accustomed to the Asian food I face everyday, right? Turns out it's as good as it sounds: two huge chunks of mutton on top of some basmati rice. The sauce that went with it was amazing too (no idea what it was but it was like mashed up vegetables with a slightly spicy tinge to it). Aside from that, the mutton soup and tomato curry (hey, that what they tasted like, I can only guess) were great sides too. Mom wasn't that hungry so she settled for a Caesar salad. Above all, it's not like I get treated to good food everyday still. Thanks mom    :)


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