The Chicken-Hearted Me

As most probably earlier stated, this is my final year in school and I am so unprepared for the days to come and this includes not only the big upcoming exams but also that days that follow after it, an unholy aftermath of boredom. I do not know what I'll do without my school friends by then now that I'm getting so attached to them.
In these two weeks that have passed, I have come to lots of new experiences. Somewhere along the way this week, there is a Bio experiment where we are dissecting chicken hearts in groups of five of six  of us to one heart. I realize organs are gross and I might never be a surgeon HAHAHA and so, I left the holding and touching the heart to my friends. Through the whole experiment, I've only touched the blade and the pen. Or in other words, only cut the heart and draw the observations. In overall, our team did the best although we accidentally cut out one of the arteries. Truly, it is something new altogether and when I talked over it with Mom she simply said that the fear of touching organs and all will fade with practice. I shudder....  will it?
Another priceless moment is sitting next to friends finishing off homework that should've been done last night. The moment we share together in the morning finishing homework in the class while the more hardworking who stayed up all night to finish it are by our sides grabbing all the naps they can. I think to myself now, is all this going to end one day? I wonder if I can live without it. I shall really miss these moments.
Yet, I sit here and type this post. Not because I finally have time for it but because there is a computer assignment pending. I'll catch up with more later, I promise   ;)


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