Back From the Grave

Right. And Iv'e been going two years without an update. Yet, just a few weeks back - during the hols in December - my mom just dug up the website and skimmed through the posts by my side. From this, I feel I am able to see what I've been through at different stages in life. Having had good pen pals in the past and annual overseas trips, I guess I can say I had a pretty exciting life in comparison to some of the less fortunate in the past, but putting down the pen on this blog has left me with two pages of my lifetime empty. Now, there is nothing I can do to grab it back. Hopefully though, I can write of more in the days to come so I can look back and see what a splendid life mine has been. Definitely nothing out of this world, but a fulfilling one with more ups than downs, most probably.

I realize I can't afford to miss all the memorable moments in life and come to the decision that I will be writing again.


  1. welcome back! i've left mine blank for a while too as i started working. hope to hear more from you (:

    1. thank you for your continuous support. I am touched :)


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