A wonderful day with my friends~

Aunt Young Hee invited me to her house last Thursday. As I thought of not disturbing others too early in the morning I was the last one to arrive at her house. When I arrived, they (Joshua and Joel) had already finish reading their storybooks while I just started. After reading,we played for awhile... At noon, Aunt Young Hee made some sushi for us. It was very delicious.
Later in the afternoon, we watched Megamind in 3D.Using those 3D glasses to watch movies make them pop-out of the screen making the movie more thrilling .
In the early evening, we went to Joel's friends house to swim. There was another friend there, he was Gerard. Joel, Gerard and I did some swimming competition. As we were swimming halfway, a rainstorm  befell us. We had to stop swimming. After a short bath, our parents also came. All of us ate at the cafeteria. We ate beefburgers and went home


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