Children's Day 29-10-2010

Our Children's Day this year started at the school hall. When we entered the hall, we listened to lots of speeches prepared by the teachers. After the speeches, there were 2 performances. The first one was a solo violin performance and the second was a piano performance that was called Solatino. This year, the PIBG provided a Kentucky Fried Chicken meal. Sadly, our KFC arrived late so we sang a few songs like Love Story by Taylor Swift, 1 Malaysia a national Malaysian song and other songs. After singing about 6 songs, the KFC meal finally arrived. After taking our KFC meal we returned to our own classes respectively.When we arrived back at our own class, lots of food and beverages were provided.There were too much so all of us had to bring some home. I took a lot ( I think all that I took was enough to last me through one week =D). 
Later on, I gave everybody presents. Some people from other classes were caught red-handed for stealing the presents. Later on, we cleaned up the class and went home early........

 The presents were these yo-yo's in triangular packaging and were wrapped by my parents. They took the whole night wrapping it up. I am really grateful towards them and feel like saying "Thank You" to them forever......
Henry's Yo-yo

Here is a simple trick for those of you who are yo-yo fanatics or would like trying to play some basic yo-yo games for your first time. Hope you enjoy this video and have a good day.


  1. woah children's day is pretty big over there. nothing like that here. oo yoyos! i can do around the world and walk the dog xD

  2. Haha! I can only enjoy Children till next year. When I am ready to go to secondary, I will not be able to celebrate it anymore. Anyway, I am amazed at your ability to play yo-yo( Next time, record it yourself and post it on your blog. I want to see it XD).


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