Tempurung Cave, here I come !

My family will go to caving exploration tomorrow (Sunday). I am so excited. My friend Wy Yan's mother -Aunt Ebbie is our organizer, she is a very sporting woman who likes to hike mountains, explore caves, join walkathons and much more. She have been in Tempurung Cave for few times, we decided to go this time is because of Aunt Ebbie's high recommendation and also the attractive photos which they took on their last trip.

Tempurung Cave is located in Perak - The Land Of Grace. It is also the largest limestone cave in Peninsular Malaysia. To explore the cave, we have 4 packages available. To see the packages, click hereWe follow the majority and they chose the most challenging one,... Package 4. Exploring it through Package 4 will use up 3and a half hours and it includes wet areas. My mother is a bit worried...... We will also have to bring comfy clothes  (considering T-shirts and long pants) and wear comfortable shoes or sandals with straps and good grip. Hiking boots are the best as they provide better support for the ankles. Cameras, torchlights, headlights and candles are optional.

I can't wait to explore Tempurung Cave. I'll post about it on my blog so stay alert !


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