How I am going to spend my school holiday!

School had ended a week ago and I was in a panic of what to do until last Sunday. I went for a chess tournament that day and sadly won 2 rounds and got a draw only (in 6 rounds, how embarassing T-T). After finishing the chess tournament, my parents came to fetch me home. As I got in the car, I was shocked. The car was filled with all sorts of books. My mum told me she bought these books from the annual " Big Bad Wolf  Sale". So, I decided to leave my holiday in a pile of  books.After reading most book titles I saw a rather fascinating one. It was called " Think Like A Maths Genius". It taught me some powerful mind reading....
Ok, try this sum by using your brain or calculator or anything.....

First, choose a number,any number.
Then,double it and add 12.
Now, divide your number by two.
Subtract your answer by your original number.
Is your answer by any chance 6 ?



  1. Isn't it fascinating? Any number you can think of by doing through this formula will result in 6 ^.^


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