A parcel from Aunt Minako

This afternoon I've received a parcel from Aunt Minako (Japanese friend), she sent the parcel by EMS, it was so costly! I'm so sorry because last time (during Christmas) she failed to send me a parcel because it was lost somewhere, it is maybe of the peak season's mail congested. I really did't expected her to send me this parcel by courier.

Aunt Minako is very considerate, she sent us a lot of winter items, because she knew that we will visit Japan in February (winter period).
These are some socks with a note " To dad" and "To mum",
my parents felt so warm and appreciated.
See, she even sent us a heating pad and wrote down a note for me and my family.
She also gave me some treats..... :)


  1. It was good.
    I was relieved. (^-)

  2. my friend also sent me a parcel via EMS. i agree it is very costly. you're gonna have so much fun in japan! ^^

  3. #eve


  4. # grub

    I hope so.... I'm so excited to go to Japan.^^


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